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Fuse HQ is a set of tools that let you monitor a wide range of activity on any group of machines that you can access via HTTP. It is highly customizable, letting you determine what activity you want to see, what conditions cause alerts and what actions are taken in response, and who has access to the tools.

This book focuses on using Fuse HQ to monitor other components of the , Fuse Message Broker and Fuse ESB. As installed, Fuse HQ can automatically detect and monitor these and many other processes, including, for example, Web servers, database servers, and CPU activity. In addition, you can develop plugins that enable monitoring of other processes that are not automatically supported.

A Fuse HQ system comprises one or more agents, a server, and a database.

The components of your system that Fuse HQ can monitor are called resources. From the resources available on your system, you choose the specific ones that you want to monitor. This set of resources is your inventory. The inventory comprises both basic resources and composite resources.

Basic resources include platforms, servers, and services.

You combine selected basic resources, according to your own criteria, to define and add to your inventory two types of composite resources: groups and applications.