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Opening the Fuse HQ Portal

You can log in to Fuse HQ from any machine, provided firewall settings allow HTTP communication between that machine and the Fuse HQ Server host. In the address field of your Web browser, enter the following URL:


This URL assumes that the Fuse HQ Server was installed with the default HTTP port, 7080. If not, substitute the correct port number. You can find this and other installation settings in the file hq-server-install.conf in the install_dir/data directory. The HTTP port setting appears in the file as server.webapp.port.

The Fuse HQ login prompt appears, as shown in Fuse HQ login prompt.

To log in for the first time, enter the administrator ID and password (both hqadmin by default) that were specified on installation of the Fuse HQ Server, and click LOGIN. The Fuse HQ Dashboard appears (Figure 1.1).

Among the user administration tasks you perform, you should change the as-installed administrator password before implementing Fuse HQ in a production environment.