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Name Description
room If this option is specified, the component will connect to MUC (Multi User Chat). Usually, the domain name for MUC is different from the login domain. For example, if you are and want to join the krypton room, then the room URL is Note the conference part.
user User name (without server name). If not specified, anonymous login will be attempted.
password Password.
resource XMPP resource. The default is Camel.
createAccount If true, an attempt to create an account will be made. Default is false.
participant JID (Jabber ID) of person to receive messages. room parameter has precedence over participant.
nickname Use nickname when joining room. If room is specified and nickname is not, user will be used for the nickname.
serviceName Fuse Mediation Router 1.6/2.0 The name of the service you are connecting to. For Google Talk, this would be
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