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Table 1.1 summarizes the Apache Camel endpoints available when using Fuse IDE.

Table 1.1. Apache Camel Endpoints

ComponentEndpoint URIDescription
ActiveMQactivemq:[queue:|topic:]DestinationNameConnects to JMS destinations using Apache ActiveMQ.
ActiveMQ Journalactivemq.journal:DirectoryName[?Options]Uses ActiveMQ's fast disk journaling implementation to store message bodies in a rolling log file.
AMQPamqp:[queue:|topic:]DestinationName[?Options]]Connects to messaging systems using the AMQP protocol.
Atomatom://AtomUri[?Options]Connects to or publishes Atom feeds using Apache Abdera.
Beanbean:BeanID[?methodName=Method]Uses the Bean Binding to bind message exchanges to beans in the Registry. Can also be used for exposing and invoking POJOs.
Bean Validationbean-validator:Something[?Options]Validates the payload of a message using the Java Validation API (JSR 303 and JAXP Validation) and its reference implementation Hibernate Validator.
Browsebrowse:NameProvides a simple BrowsableEndpoint which can be useful for testing, visualisation tools or debugging. The exchanges sent to the endpoint are all available to be browsed.
Cachecache://CacheName[?Options]Enables you to perform caching operations using EHCache as the cache implementation.
Classclass:className[?method=someMethod]Uses the Bean Binding to bind message exchanges to beans in the Registry. Is also used for exposing and invoking POJOs.
Cometdcometd://Hostname[:Port]/ChannelName[?Options]Supports the Jetty implementation of the cometd/bayeux protocol.



Signs and verifies exchanges using the Signature Service of the Java Cryptographic Extension.
CXFcxf://Address[?Options]Uses Apache CXF for Web services integration.
CXF Beancxf:beanName[?Options]Proceess the exchange using a JAX-WS or JAX-RS annotated bean from the registry.
CXFRScxfrs:bean:RsEndpoint[?Options]Uses Apache CXF to connect to JAX-RS services hosted in Apache CXF.
DataSetdataset:Name[?Options]Provides a way to create large numbers of messages for sending to components or asserting that they are consumed correctly.
Db4odb4o://classNameFor using a db4o datastore as a queue via the db4o library.
Directdirect:EndpointID[?Options]Ensures direct invocation of the consumer from the producer so that single threaded in-VM invocation is performed.
Esperesper:nameSupports using the Esper Library for Event Stream Processing.



Works with Spring ApplicationEvents.
Execexec://Executable[?Options]Executes system commands.
Filefile://DirectoryName[?Options]Sends messages to a file or polls a file or directory.
FIXfix://ConfigurationResourceSends or receives messages using the FIX protocol.
Flatpackflatpack:[fixed|delim]:ConfigFileProcesses fixed width or delimited files or messages using the FlatPack library.
Freemarkerfreemarker:TemplateResourceGenerates a response using a Freemarker template.
FTP2ftp://[Username@]Hostname[:Port]/Directoryname[?Options]Sends and receives files over FTP.
GAuthgauth://Name[?Options]Implements a Google-specific OAuth consumer for Web applications.




Provides connectivity to the GAE URL fetch service and can also be used to receive messages from servlets.
GLoginglogin://Hostname[:Port][?Options]Allows Apache Camel applications outside Google App Engine (GAE) to programmatically login to GAE applications.



Sends e-mails via the GAE mail service.
GTaskgtask://QueueNameSupports asynchronous message processing on GAE using the task queueing service as a message queue.
HDFShdfs://Path[?Options]Reads from and writes to HDFS file systems.
Hibernatehibernate://EntityName Uses a database as a queue via the Hibernate library.
HTTPhttp://Hostname[:Port][/ResourceUri]Calls out to external HTTP servers.
HTTP4http4://Hostname[:Port][/ResourceUri]Calls out to external HTTP servers using the Apache HttpClient 4.x.
iBATISibatis:OperationName[?Options]Performs a query, poll, insert, update or delete in a relational database using Apache iBATIS.
IMapimap://[UserName@]Host[:Port][?Options]Receives e-mail using IMAP.
IRCirc:Host[:Port]/#RoomUses IRC communication.
JavaSpacejavaspace:jini://Host[?Options]Sends and receives messages through JavaSpace.




Integrates with JBI endpoints.
JCRjcr://UserName:Password@Repository/path/to/nodeStores messages in a JCR (JSR-170) compliant repository like Apache Jackrabbit.
JDBCjdbc:DataSourceName[?Options]Performs JDBC queries and operations.
Jettyjetty:http://Host[:Port][/ResourceUri]Exposes services over HTTP.



Validates the payload of a message using RelaxNG or RelaxNG compact syntax.
JMSjms:[temp:][queue:|topic:]DestinationName[?Options]Connects to generic JMS providers.
JPAjpa:[EntityClassName][?Options]Uses a database as a queue via the JPA specification for working with OpenJPA, Hibernate or TopLink.
JT400jt400://User:Pwd@System/PathToDTAQIntegrates with data queues on an AS/400 (aka System i, IBM i, i5, ...) system.
Languagelanguage://languageName[:script][?options]Executes Languages scripts.
LDAPldap:Host[:Port]?base=...[&scope=Scope]Performs searches on LDAP servers.
Listlist:ListIDProvides a simple BrowsableEndpoint which can be useful for testing, visualisation tools or debugging. The exchanges sent to the endpoint are all available to be browsed.
Loglog:LoggingCategory[?level=LoggingLevel]Uses Jakarta Commons Logging to log the message exchange to some underlying logging system like log4j.



Uses Apache Lucene to perform Java-based indexing and full text based searches using advanced analysis/tokenization capabilities.





Works with Apache MINA.
Mockmock:EndpointIDCreates mock endpoints for testing routes and mediation rules.
MSMQmsmq:MsmqQueueName[?Options]Sends and receives messages with Microsoft Message Queuing.
MSVmsv:LocalOrRemoteResourceValidates the payload of a message using the MSV Library.
Nagiosnagios://Host[:Port][?Options]Sends passive checks to Nagios using JSendNSCA.



Works with TCP and UDP protocols using Java NIO based capabilities offered by the JBoss Netty community project.
NMRnmr:serviceMixURISupports OSGi integration when working with Fuse ESB Enterprise. Enables you to specify the URI of a ServiceMix endpoint.
POPpop3://[UserName@]Host[:Port][?Options]Receives e-mail using POP3 and JavaMail.



Directs payloads on a route to a printer.
Propertiesproperties://Key[?Options] Facilitates using property placeholders directly in endpoint URI definitions.



Provides for scheduled delivery of messages using the Quartz scheduler.



Sends and receives FIX messages.
Refref:EndpointIDLooks up existing endpoints bound in the Registry.
Restletrestlet:RestletUrl[?Options]Consumes and produces RESTful resources using Restlet.
RMIrmi://RmiRegistryHost:RmiRegistryPort/RegistryPathWorks with RMI.
RSSrss:UriConsumes RSS feeds using ROME.
RNCrnc:LocalOrRemoteResourceValidates the payload of a message using RelaxNG Compact Syntax.
RNGrng:LocalOrRemoteResourceValidates the payload of a message using RelaxNG.
Scalatescalate:TemplateName[?Options]Transforms message using Scalate templates.
SEDAseda:EndpointIDDelivers messages to a java.util.concurrent.BlockingQueue. This is useful when creating SEDA style processing pipelines within the same CamelContext.
SERVLETservlet://RelativePath[?Options]Provides HTTP based endpoints for consuming HTTP requests that arrive at a HTTP endpoint and this endpoint is bound to a published Servlet.
SFTPsftp://[Username@]Hostname[:Port]/Directoryname[?Options]Sends and receives files over SFTP.
SIPsmpp://UserInfo@Host[:Port][?Options]Sends and receives SMS through Short Messaging Service Center using the JSMPP library.



Publish/Subscribe communication capability using the Telecom SIP protocol.
SMTPsmtp://[UserName@]Host[:Port][?Options]Sends e-mail using SMTP and JavaMail.
SNMPsnmp://Hostname[:Port][?Options]Polls SNMP capable devices or receive traps.
Spring Integrationspring-integration:DefaultChannelName[?Options]Bridges Camel and Spring Integration.
Spring Web Servicesspring-ws:[mapping-type:]address[?options]Client-side support for accessing web services, and server-side support for creating your own contract-first web services using Spring Web Services.
SQLsql:SqlQueryString[?Options]Performs SQL queries using JDBC.
Streamstream:[in|out|err|header][?Options]Reads or writes to an input/output/error/file stream.
String Templatestring-template:TemplateURI[?Options]Generates a response using a String Template.
Testtest:RouterEndpointUriCreates a Mock endpoint which expects to receive all the message bodies that could be polled from the given underlying endpoint.
Timertimer:EndpointID[?Options]Creates a timer endpoint.
Validationvalidator:LocalOrRemoteResourceValidates the payload of a message using XML Schema and JAXP Validation.
Velocityvelocity:TemplateURI[?Options]Generates a response using an Apache Velocity template.
VMvm:EndpointIDDeliver messages to a java.util.concurrent.BlockingQueue, useful when creating SEDA style processing pipelines within the same JVM.
XMPPxmpp:Hostname[:Port][/Room]Works with XMPP and Jabber.
XQueryxquery:TemplateURIGenerates a response using an XQuery template.
XSLTxslt:TemplateURI[?Options]Transforms a message using an XSLT script.

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