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The cometd: component is a transport for working with the jetty implementation of the cometd/bayeux protocol. Using this component in combination with the dojo toolkit library it's possible to push Apache Camel messages directly into the browser using an AJAX based mechanism.

Name Default Value Description
resourceBase The root directory for the web resources or classpath. Use the protocol file: or classpath: depending if you want that the component loads the resource from file system or classpath. Classpath is required for OSGI deployment where the resources are packaged in the jar
timeout 240000 The server side poll timeout in milliseconds. This is how long the server will hold a reconnect request before responding.
interval 0 The client side poll timeout in milliseconds. How long a client will wait between reconnects
maxInterval 30000 The max client side poll timeout in milliseconds. A client will be removed if a connection is not received in this time.
multiFrameInterval 1500 The client side poll timeout, if multiple connections are detected from the same browser.
jsonCommented true If true, the server will accept JSON wrapped in a comment and will generate JSON wrapped in a comment. This is a defence against Ajax Hijacking.
logLevel 1 0=none, 1=info, 2=debug.

You can append query options to the URI in the following format, ?option=value&option=value&...

Here is some examples of how to pass the parameters.

For file (when the Webapp resources are located in the Web Application directory) cometd://localhost:8080?resourceBase=file./webapp. For classpath (when the web resources are packaged inside the Webapp folder) cometd://localhost:8080?resourceBase=classpath:webapp.

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