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For the data queue message exchange:

Name Default value Description
ccsid default system CCSID Specifies the CCSID to use for the connection with the AS/400 system.
format text Specifies the data format for sending messages valid options are: text (represented by String) and binary (represented by byte[])
consumer.delay 500 Delay in milliseconds between each poll.
consumer.initialDelay 1000 Milliseconds before polling starts.
consumer.userFixedDelay false true to use fixed delay between polls, otherwise fixed rate is used. See ScheduledExecutorService in JDK for details.

For the remote program call (Camel 2.7):

Name Default value Description
outputFieldsIdx Specifies which fields (program parameters) are output parameters.
fieldsLength Specifies the fields (program parameters) length as in the AS/400 program definition.
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