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Name Default Value Description
type none The type of action you want to perform. Actually you can enter here POLL or TRAP. The value POLL will instruct the endpoint to poll a given host for the supplied OID keys. If you put in TRAP you will setup a listener for SNMP Trap Events.
address none This is the IP address and the port of the host to poll or where to setup the Trap Receiver. Example:
protocol udp Here you can select which protocol to use. By default it will be udp protocol but you may want to use tcp as well
retries 2 Defines how often a retry is made before canceling the request.
timeout 1500 Sets the timeout value for the request in millis.
snmpVersion 0 (which means SNMPv1) Sets the snmp version for the request.
snmpCommunity public Sets the community octet string for the snmp request.
delay 60 seconds Defines the delay in seconds between to poll cycles.
oids none Defines which values you are interested in. Please have a look at the Wikipedia to get a better understanding. You may provide a single OID or a coma separated list of OIDs. Example: oids=",,,"

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