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network bridge

A runtime directional link between brokers that is used to forward messages. Network bridges are created by network connectors.

See Also network connector.

network connector

A configuration entity used to link brokers together to form a network of brokers.

See Also network of brokers.

network of brokers

A group of brokers that are linked together to operate as a single logical unit.


In an XML Schema definition, an attribute of an element that specifies that the element is optional within a complex type.

non-managed container

A Apache Karaf-based container that is registered with a fabric, but is not managed by a Fabric Agent.

normalized message router (NMR)

Part of the JBI architecture responsible for receiving message exchanges from JBI components and routing them to the appropriate component for processing.

...(New ESB)

notification operation

One type of WSDL-defined abstract operation, in which the service endpoint sends a message, but does not expect a return message.

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