This page describes the JMX management requirements.

Required MBeans

Broker MBeans

We need MBeans for the core Broker types in the package to allow folks to see a broker's configuration, its connectors, currently connected clients & disconnect clients etc.

e.g. MBeans for

MBean Description
Broker/BrokerContainer The Message Broker itself
BrokerConnector The inbound connector listening to new client connections
BrokerClient A specific client connection

We have an old BrokerAdmin interface we should replace with proper MBeans ASAP.

In addition, we need to get access to the MessageContainer instances inside the Broker. These are a container per destination and QoS (e.g. 1 for Durable queue Foo and one for non-durable queue Foo).

So we'll need some way of viewing and looking up of thesse MC MBeans as they are created dynamically as users start using different destionations.


We implement J2EE Management Stats which add stats to each JMS resource; Connection, Session, Consumer, Producer (and we've added support to Destination too). So we need to expose those somehow in JMX so users can watch/view stats for JMS clients

Use cases

Here's a list of end user use cases we need to support easily...

The following are more nice to haves, but would be nice