Class SpringIntegrationProducer

  extended by org.apache.camel.impl.ServiceSupport
      extended by org.apache.camel.impl.DefaultProducer
          extended by org.apache.camel.component.spring.integration.SpringIntegrationProducer
All Implemented Interfaces:
IsSingleton, Processor, Producer, Service

public class SpringIntegrationProducer
extends DefaultProducer
implements Processor

A producer of exchanges for the Spring Integration Please specify the outputChannel in the endpoint url for this producer. If the message pattern is inOut, the inputChannel property should be set for receiving the response message.

$Revision: 3442 $

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
SpringIntegrationProducer(SpringIntegrationEndpoint endpoint)
Method Summary
 void process(Exchange exchange)
          Processes the message exchange
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Constructor Detail


public SpringIntegrationProducer(SpringIntegrationEndpoint endpoint)
Method Detail


public void process(Exchange exchange)
             throws Exception
Description copied from interface: Processor
Processes the message exchange

Specified by:
process in interface Processor
exchange - the message exchange
Exception - if an internal processing error has occurred.

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