Package org.apache.camel.dataformat.bindy

Interface Summary
BindyFactory The bindy factory is a factory used to create the POJO models and bind or unbind the data to and from the record (CSV, ...)
Format<T> Format allows to format object to and from string received using format or parse method
PatternFormat<T> The PatternFormat extends the format interface and allows to retrieve the pattern linked to a format (Date, Double, ...)

Class Summary
BindyAbstractFactory The BindyAbstractFactory implements what its common to all the formats supported by camel bindy
BindyCsvFactory The BindyCsvFactory is the class who allows to : Generate a model associated to a CSV record, bind data from a record to the POJOs, export data of POJOs to a CSV record and format data into String, Date, Double, ...
BindyKeyValuePairFactory The BindyKeyValuePairFactory is the class who allows to bind data of type key value pair.
FormatFactory Factory to return Format classes for a given type.

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