Camel management


Interface Summary
PerformanceCounter A counter that gathers performance metrics when Exchange are routed in Camel.

Class Summary
DefaultManagementAgent Default implementation of the Camel JMX service agent
DefaultManagementLifecycleStrategy Default JMX managed lifecycle strategy that registered objects using the configured ManagementStrategy.
DefaultManagementNamingStrategy Naming strategy used when registering MBeans.
DefaultManagementStrategy A default management strategy that does not manage.
DelegatePerformanceCounter Delegates to another PerformanceCounter.
EventNotifierSupport Base class to extend for custom EventNotifier implementations.
InstrumentationInterceptStrategy This strategy class wraps targeted processors with a InstrumentationProcessor.
InstrumentationProcessor JMX enabled processor that uses the ManagedCounter for instrumenting processing of exchanges.
JmxSystemPropertyKeys This module contains jmx related system property key constants.
LoggingEventNotifier Logging event notifier that only notifies if INFO log level has been configured for its logger.
ManagedManagementStrategy A JMX capable ManagementStrategy that Camel by default uses if possible.
PublishEventNotifier A EventNotifier which publishes the EventObject to some Endpoint.

Package Description

Camel management

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