Class ExpressionNode

  extended by org.apache.camel.model.OptionalIdentifiedDefinition
      extended by org.apache.camel.model.ProcessorDefinition<ExpressionNode>
          extended by org.apache.camel.model.ExpressionNode
All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
DelayDefinition, FilterDefinition, IdempotentConsumerDefinition, LoopDefinition, RecipientListDefinition, SetBodyDefinition, SetHeaderDefinition, SetOutHeaderDefinition, SetPropertyDefinition, SplitDefinition, TransformDefinition, WhenDefinition

public class ExpressionNode
extends ProcessorDefinition<ExpressionNode>

A base class for nodes which contain an expression and a number of outputs

$Revision: 16750 $

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.apache.camel.model.ProcessorDefinition
errorHandlerBuilder, errorHandlerRef, log
Constructor Summary
ExpressionNode(Expression expression)
ExpressionNode(ExpressionDefinition expression)
ExpressionNode(Predicate predicate)
Method Summary
protected  FilterProcessor createFilterProcessor(RouteContext routeContext)
 ExpressionDefinition getExpression()
 String getLabel()
          Returns a label to describe this node such as the expression if some kind of expression node
 List<ProcessorDefinition> getOutputs()
 String getShortName()
          Returns a short name for this node which can be useful for ID generation or referring to related resources like images
 void setExpression(ExpressionDefinition expression)
 void setOutputs(List<ProcessorDefinition> outputs)
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addInterceptStrategies, addInterceptStrategy, addOutput, addRoutes, aggregate, aggregate, aggregate, aggregate, aggregate, aop, bean, bean, bean, bean, beanRef, beanRef, choice, clearOutput, configureChild, convertBodyTo, convertBodyTo, createChannel, createCompositeProcessor, createErrorHandlerBuilder, createOutputsProcessor, createOutputsProcessor, createProcessor, delay, delay, delay, doTry, end, enrich, enrich, enrichRef, filter, filter, filter, filter, getErrorHandlerBuilder, getInterceptStrategies, getNodeFactory, getParent, id, idempotentConsumer, idempotentConsumer, idempotentConsumer, inOnly, inOnly, inOnly, inOnly, inOnly, inOnly, inOut, inOut, inOut, inOut, inOut, inOut, isAbstract, loadBalance, loadBalance, log, log, log, loop, loop, loop, makeProcessor, markRollbackOnly, markRollbackOnlyLast, marshal, marshal, marshal, marshal, multicast, multicast, multicast, onCompletion, onException, pipeline, pipeline, pipeline, pipeline, policy, policy, pollEnrich, pollEnrich, pollEnrich, pollEnrich, pollEnrichRef, process, processRef, recipientList, recipientList, recipientList, removeFaultHeader, removeHeader, removeProperty, resequence, resequence, resequence, resequencer, rollback, rollback, routeId, routingSlip, routingSlip, sample, sample, setBody, setBody, setErrorHandlerBuilder, setExchangePattern, setFaultBody, setFaultHeader, setHeader, setHeader, setNodeFactory, setOutHeader, setOutHeader, setParent, setProperty, setProperty, sort, sort, sortBody, sortBody, split, split, split, stop, threads, threads, throttle, throwException, to, to, to, to, to, to, to, to, to, to, toAsync, toAsync, toAsync, toAsync, toF, transacted, transacted, transform, transform, unmarshal, unmarshal, unmarshal, unmarshal, wireTap, wireTap, wireTap, wrapChannel, wrapInErrorHandler, wrapProcessor
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Constructor Detail


public ExpressionNode()


public ExpressionNode(ExpressionDefinition expression)


public ExpressionNode(Expression expression)


public ExpressionNode(Predicate predicate)
Method Detail


public String getShortName()
Description copied from class: OptionalIdentifiedDefinition
Returns a short name for this node which can be useful for ID generation or referring to related resources like images

getShortName in class OptionalIdentifiedDefinition
defaults to "node" but derived nodes should overload this to provide a unique name


public ExpressionDefinition getExpression()


public void setExpression(ExpressionDefinition expression)


public List<ProcessorDefinition> getOutputs()
Specified by:
getOutputs in class ProcessorDefinition<ExpressionNode>


public void setOutputs(List<ProcessorDefinition> outputs)


public String getLabel()
Description copied from class: ProcessorDefinition
Returns a label to describe this node such as the expression if some kind of expression node

getLabel in class ProcessorDefinition<ExpressionNode>


protected FilterProcessor createFilterProcessor(RouteContext routeContext)
                                         throws Exception

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