Package org.apache.camel.processor.aggregate

Helper classes for the Aggregator pattern.


Interface Summary
AggregationCollection A Collection which aggregates exchanges together, using a correlation Expression and a AggregationStrategy.
AggregationStrategy A strategy for aggregating two exchanges together into a single exchange.

Class Summary
DefaultAggregationCollection A Collection which aggregates exchanges together using a correlation expression so that there is only a single message exchange sent for a single correlation key.
GroupedExchangeAggregationStrategy Aggregate all exchanges into a single combined Exchange holding all the aggregated exchanges in a List as a exchange property with the key Exchange.GROUPED_EXCHANGE.
PredicateAggregationCollection An aggregator collection which uses a predicate to decide when an aggregation is completed for a particular correlation key
UseLatestAggregationStrategy An AggregationStrategy which just uses the latest exchange which is useful for status messages where old status messages have no real value.

Package org.apache.camel.processor.aggregate Description

Helper classes for the Aggregator pattern.

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