Interface Expression

All Known Implementing Classes:
AssertionClause.PredicateValueBuilder, BeanExpression, ConstantExpression, ELExpression, ExpressionAdapter, ExpressionClause, ExpressionDefinition, ExpressionSupport, GroovyExpression, GroovyExpression, HeaderExpression, HttpMethods, HttpMethods, JavaScriptExpression, JuelExpression, JXPathExpression, JXPathExpression, LanguageExpression, MethodCallExpression, MvelExpression, MvelExpression, NamespaceAwareExpression, OgnlExpression, OgnlExpression, PhpExpression, PropertyExpression, PythonExpression, RubyExpression, ScriptBuilder, SimpleBuilder, SimpleExpression, SqlBuilder, SqlExpression, TokenizerExpression, ValueBuilder, XPathBuilder, XPathExpression, XQueryBuilder, XQueryExpression

public interface Expression

An expression provides a plugin strategy for evaluating expressions on a message exchange to support things like scripting languages, XQuery or SQL as well as any arbitrary Java expression.

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Method Summary
<T> T
evaluate(Exchange exchange, Class<T> type)
          Returns the value of the expression on the given exchange

Method Detail


<T> T evaluate(Exchange exchange,
               Class<T> type)
Returns the value of the expression on the given exchange

exchange - the message exchange on which to evaluate the expression
type - the expected type of the evaluation result
the value of the expression

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