Package org.apache.camel.component.cxf

Defines the CXF Component


Interface Summary
CxfBinding An strategy interface for implementing binding between CXF Exchange and Camel Exchange.
CxfConstants Constants used in this module
MessageHeaderFilter Filter the wire message headers from one CXF endpoint to another CXF endpoint

Class Summary
CxfComponent Defines the CXF Component
CxfConsumer A Consumer of exchanges for a service in CXF.
CxfEndpoint Defines the CXF Endpoint.
CxfHeaderFilterStrategy The default CXF header filter strategy.
CxfPayload<T> CxfMessage body type when DataFormat.PAYLOAD is used.
CxfProducer CxfProducer binds a Camel exchange to a CXF exchange, acts as a CXF client, and sends the request to a CXF to a server.
CxfSpringEndpoint Defines the CXF Endpoint
DefaultCxfBinding The Default CXF binding implementation.
HybridSourceDataBinding This is a hybrid DataBinding of JAXBDataBinding and SourceDataBinding.
SoapMessageHeaderFilter A MessageHeaderFilter to drop all SOAP headers.
WSDLServiceFactoryBean A service factory bean class that create a service factory without requiring a service class (SEI).

Enum Summary
DataFormat The data format the user expects to see at the Camel CXF components.

Package org.apache.camel.component.cxf Description

Defines the CXF Component

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