Uses of Class

Packages that use ServiceSupport
org.apache.camel.blueprint Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements. 
org.apache.camel.component Base classes for Spring based Components 
org.apache.camel.component.bean The Bean Component which will look up the bean name in the Spring ApplicationContext and use that to dispatch messages to a POJO 
org.apache.camel.component.bean.validator The Bean Validator Component for validating java Beans using the JSR 303 reference implementation (Hibernate Validator) 
org.apache.camel.component.browse The Browse Component which is a simple in memory component which maintains a list of all message exchanges which can be useful for debugging, tooling or visualistion. 
org.apache.camel.component.cxf Defines the CXF Component 
org.apache.camel.component.dataset A DataSet Endpoint for testing of endpoints using defined DataSets The Direct Component which synchronously invokes all the consumers when a producer sends an exchange to the endpoint. 
org.apache.camel.component.event An Event Endpoint for working with Spring ApplicationEvents 
org.apache.camel.component.file The File Component for working with file systems. 
org.apache.camel.component.file.remote Defines the File transport for communicating with Remote Files and FTP 
org.apache.camel.component.flatpack The Flatpack Component for working with fixed width or delimited files 
org.apache.camel.component.hawtdb Camel HawtDB support 
org.apache.camel.component.http Defines the HTTP Component 
org.apache.camel.component.irc Defines the IRC Component 
org.apache.camel.component.jdbc Defines an JDBC component that can bind to JDBC datasources. 
org.apache.camel.component.jetty Defines the Jetty HTTP Component 
org.apache.camel.component.jms Defines the JMS Component 
org.apache.camel.component.jms.reply Logic implementing support for request/reply over JMS 
org.apache.camel.component.jpa Defines the JPA component for polling databases or recording messages in a database. 
org.apache.camel.component.language The Language Component to send messages to language endpoints executing the script. 
org.apache.camel.component.log The Log Component uses Jakarta Commons Logging to log message exchanges. 
org.apache.camel.component.mail Defines the Email Component 
org.apache.camel.component.mock The Mock Component which is used for testing of routing and mediation rules. 
org.apache.camel.component.printer The Properties Component for lookup of property placeholders for endpoint URI. 
org.apache.camel.component.quartz Defines the Quartz Component 
org.apache.camel.component.ref The Ref Component for lookup of existing endpoints bound in the Registry
org.apache.camel.component.rmi Defines an RMI Component that can bind PojoExchanges to the Java Remote Method Protocol (JRMP). 
org.apache.camel.component.seda The SEDA Component for asynchronous SEDA exchanges on a BlockingQueue within a single CamelContext 
org.apache.camel.component.sql Defines an SQL component that can bind to JDBC datasources and execute SQL queries that are exposed as endpoints.   
org.apache.camel.component.test A Test Endpoint for Pattern Based Testing 
org.apache.camel.component.timer The Timer Component extends the POJO component to provide a simple timer 
org.apache.camel.component.validator The Validator Component for validating XML against some schema 
org.apache.camel.component.vm The VM Component for asynchronous SEDA exchanges on a BlockingQueue within the current JVM; so across CamelContext instances. 
org.apache.camel.component.xmpp Defines the XMPP transport for communicating over Jabber 
org.apache.camel.component.xquery The XQuery Component for transforming messages with XQuery 
org.apache.camel.component.xslt The XSLT Component for transforming messages with XSLT 
org.apache.camel.impl Default implementation classes for Camel Core 
org.apache.camel.impl.converter Default implementation classes the Type Conversion Strategies Camel management 
org.apache.camel.osgi Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements. 
org.apache.camel.processor A collection of Processor implementations which are used to implement the Enterprise Integration Patterns 
org.apache.camel.processor.aggregate Helper classes for the Aggregator pattern. 
org.apache.camel.processor.idempotent An implementation of the Idempotent Consumer pattern. 
org.apache.camel.processor.interceptor Helper classes for interceptors. 
org.apache.camel.processor.loadbalancer Various load balancer processors 
org.apache.camel.spring The classes for working with Camel and Spring along with the primary factory beans. 
org.apache.camel.spring.spi Plugins to the CamleContext when running in Spring 

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.bam.processor

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.bam.processor
 class ActivityMonitorEngine
          A timer engine to monitor for expired activities and perform whatever actions are required.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.bam.rules

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.bam.rules
 class ActivityRules
          Represents a activity which is typically a system or could be an endpoint
 class ProcessRules
 class TemporalRule
          A temporal rule for use within BAM

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.blueprint

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.blueprint
 class BlueprintCamelContext

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component
 class ResourceBasedComponent
          A useful base class for components which depend on a resource such as things like Velocity or XQuery based components.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.amqp

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.amqp
 class AMQPComponent

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.atom

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.atom
 class AtomComponent
          An Atom Component.
 class AtomEntryPollingConsumer
          Consumer to poll atom feeds and return each entry from the feed step by step.
 class AtomPollingConsumer
          Consumer to poll atom feeds and return the full feed.
 class AtomProducer
          AtomProducer is currently not implemented

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.bean

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.bean
 class BeanComponent
          The Bean Component will look up the URI in the Registry and use that to handle message dispatching.
 class BeanProcessor
          A Processor which converts the inbound exchange to a method invocation on a POJO
 class ClassComponent
          The Class Component will create an instance of the class from the Registry and use that to handle message dispatching.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.bean.validator

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.bean.validator
 class BeanValidatorComponent
          Bean Validator Component for validating java beans against JSR 303 Validator

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.browse

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.browse
 class BrowseComponent
          The browse component.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.cache

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.cache
 class CacheComponent
 class CacheConsumer
 class CacheManagerFactory
 class CacheProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.cometd

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.cometd
 class CometdComponent
          Component for Jetty Cometd
 class CometdConsumer
          A Consumer for receiving messages using Cometd and Bayeux protocol.
 class CometdProducer
          A Producer to send messages using Cometd and Bayeux protocol.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.crypto

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.crypto
 class DigitalSignatureComponent
 class DigitalSignatureProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.cxf

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.cxf
 class CxfComponent
          Defines the CXF Component
 class CxfConsumer
          A Consumer of exchanges for a service in CXF.
 class CxfProducer
          CxfProducer binds a Camel exchange to a CXF exchange, acts as a CXF client, and sends the request to a CXF to a server.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.cxf.cxfbean

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.cxf.cxfbean
 class CxfBeanComponent
          CXF Bean component creates CxfBeanEndpoint which represents a bean.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.cxf.jaxrs

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.cxf.jaxrs
 class CxfRsComponent
          Defines the CXF RS Component
 class CxfRsConsumer
          A Consumer of exchanges for a JAXRS service in CXF.
 class CxfRsProducer
          CxfRsProducer binds a Camel exchange to a CXF exchange, acts as a CXF JAXRS client, it will turn the normal Object invocation to a RESTful request according to resource annotation.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.dataset

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.dataset
 class DataSetComponent
          Component for DataSet.
 class DataSetConsumer
          DataSet consumer.

Uses of ServiceSupport in

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in
 class DirectComponent
          Represents the component that manages DirectEndpoint.
 class DirectConsumer
          The direct consumer.
 class DirectProducer
          The direct producer.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.ejb

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.ejb
 class EjbComponent
          EJB component to invoke EJBs like the BeanComponent.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.event

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.event
 class EventComponent
          An Event Component for working with Spring ApplicationEvents
 class EventConsumer
          An Event Consumer for working with Spring ApplicationEvents

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.exec

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.exec
 class ExecComponent
          Represents the component that manages ExecEndpoint.
 class ExecProducer
          Exec producer.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.feed

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.feed
 class FeedComponent
          A base class for feed (atom, RSS) components.
 class FeedEntryPollingConsumer
          Consumer to poll feeds and return each entry from the feed step by step.
 class FeedPollingConsumer
          Base class for consuming feeds.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.file

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.file
 class FileComponent
          File component.
 class FileConsumer
          File consumer.
 class GenericFileComponent<T>
          Base class file component.
 class GenericFileConsumer<T>
          Base class for remote file consumers.
 class GenericFileProducer<T>
          Generic file producer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.file.remote

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.file.remote
 class FtpComponent
          FTP Component
 class FtpConsumer
          FTP consumer
 class FtpsComponent
          FTP Secure (FTP over SSL/TLS) Component.
 class RemoteFileComponent<T>
          Base class for remote file components.
 class RemoteFileConsumer<T>
          Base class for remote file consumers.
 class RemoteFileProducer<T>
          Generic remote file producer for all the FTP variations.
 class SftpComponent
          Secure FTP Component
 class SftpConsumer
          Secure FTP consumer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.flatpack

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.flatpack
 class FlatpackComponent
          A Flatpack Component for working with fixed width and delimited files

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.freemarker

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.freemarker
 class FreemarkerComponent
          Freemarker component.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.gae.auth

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.gae.auth
 class GAuthComponent
          The GAuth Component implements a Google-specific OAuth comsumer.
 class GAuthProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.gae.context

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.gae.context
 class GaeDefaultCamelContext
 class GaeSpringCamelContext

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.gae.http

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.gae.http
 class GHttpComponent
          The Google App Engine HTTP Component supports HTTP-based inbound and outbound communication.
 class GHttpProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.gae.login

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.gae.login
 class GLoginComponent
          The GLogin Component encapsulates the required steps needed to login to an Google App Engine (GAE) application.
 class GLoginProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.gae.mail

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.gae.mail
 class GMailComponent
          The Google App Engine Mail Component supports outbound mail communication.
 class GMailProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.gae.task

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.gae.task
 class GTaskComponent
          The Google App Engine Task Queueing Component supports asynchronous message processing.
 class GTaskProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.hawtdb

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.hawtdb
 class HawtDBAggregationRepository
          An instance of AggregationRepository which is backed by a HawtDB.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.http

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.http
 class HttpComponent
          Defines the HTTP Component
 class HttpConsumer
 class HttpPollingConsumer
          A polling HTTP consumer which by default performs a GET
 class HttpProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.ibatis

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.ibatis
 class IBatisComponent
 class IBatisPollingConsumer
           Ibatis Camel Component used to read data from a database.
 class IBatisProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.irc

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.irc
 class IrcComponent
          Defines the IRC Component
 class IrcConsumer
 class IrcProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.javaspace

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.javaspace
 class JavaSpaceComponent
          The component for using the JavaSpaces library
 class JavaSpaceConsumer
 class JavaSpaceProducer
          A Producer implementation for JavaSpaces

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.jcr

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.jcr
 class JcrComponent
          A component for integrating with JSR-170 (JCR) compliant content repositories
 class JcrProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.jdbc

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.jdbc
 class JdbcComponent
 class JdbcProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.jetty

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.jetty
 class JettyHttpComponent
          An HttpComponent which starts an embedded Jetty for to handle consuming from the http endpoints.
 class JettyHttpProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.jms

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.jms
 class JmsComponent
          A JMS Component
 class JmsConsumer
          A Consumer which uses Spring's AbstractMessageListenerContainer implementations to consume JMS messages
 class JmsPollingConsumer
 class JmsProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.jms.reply

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.jms.reply
 class PersistentQueueReplyManager
          A ReplyManager when using persistent queues.
 class ReplyManagerSupport
          Base class for ReplyManager implementations.
 class TemporaryQueueReplyManager
          A ReplyManager when using temporary queues.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.jmx

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.jmx
 class JMXComponent
          Component for connecting JMX Notification events to a camel route.
 class JMXConsumer
          Consumer will add itself as a NotificationListener on the object specified by the objectName param.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.jpa

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.jpa
 class JpaComponent
          A JPA Component
 class JpaConsumer
 class JpaProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.jt400

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.jt400
 class Jt400Component
          Component to provide integration with AS/400 objects.
 class Jt400DataQueueConsumer
          PollingConsumer that polls a data queue for data
 class Jt400DataQueueProducer
          Producer to send data to an AS/400 data queue.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.language

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.language
 class LanguageComponent
          The language component to send Exchanges to a given language and have the script being executed.
 class LanguageProducer
          Language producer.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.ldap

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.ldap
 class LdapComponent
          Represents the component that manages LdapEndpoint(s).
 class LdapProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.log

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.log
 class LogComponent
          The Log Component to log message exchanges to the underlying logging mechanism.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.lucene

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.lucene
 class LuceneComponent
 class LuceneIndexProducer
 class LuceneQueryProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.mail

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.mail
 class MailComponent
          Component for JavaMail.
 class MailConsumer
          A Consumer which consumes messages from JavaMail using a Transport and dispatches them to the Processor
 class MailProducer
          A Producer to send messages using JavaMail.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.mina

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.mina
 class MinaComponent
          Component for Apache MINA.
 class MinaConsumer
          A Consumer implementation for Apache MINA.
 class MinaProducer
          A Producer implementation for MINA

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.mock

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.mock
 class MockComponent
          A factory of MockEndpoint instances

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.nagios

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.nagios
 class NagiosComponent
 class NagiosEventNotifier
          An EventNotifier which sends alters to Nagios.
 class NagiosProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.netty

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.netty
 class NettyComponent
 class NettyConsumer
 class NettyProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.printer

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.printer
 class PrinterComponent
 class PrinterProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in
 class PropertiesComponent
          The properties component.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.quartz

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.quartz
 class QuartzComponent
          A Quartz Component

For a brief tutorial on setting cron expression see Quartz cron tutorial.

 class QuartzConsumer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.quickfixj

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.quickfixj
 class QuickfixjComponent
 class QuickfixjConsumer
 class QuickfixjProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.ref

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.ref
 class RefComponent
          Component for lookup of existing endpoints bound in the Registry.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.restlet

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.restlet
 class RestletComponent
          A Camel component embedded Restlet that produces and consumes exchanges.
 class RestletConsumer
          A Restlet consumer acts as a server to listen client requests.
 class RestletProducer
          A Camel producer that acts as a client to Restlet server.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.rmi

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.rmi
 class RmiComponent
 class RmiConsumer
          A Consumer which uses RMI's UnicastRemoteObject to consume method invocations.
 class RmiProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.rss

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.rss
 class RssComponent
          An RSS Component.
 class RssEntryPollingConsumer
          Consumer to poll RSS feeds and return each entry from the feed step by step.
 class RssPollingConsumer
          Consumer to poll RSS feeds and return the full feed.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.seda

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.seda
 class CollectionProducer
          A simple Producer which just appends to a Collection the Exchange object.
 class SedaComponent
          An implementation of the SEDA components for asynchronous SEDA exchanges on a BlockingQueue within a CamelContext
 class SedaConsumer
          A Consumer for the SEDA component.
 class SedaProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.servlet

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.servlet
 class ServletComponent

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.sip

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.sip
 class SipComponent
 class SipPresenceAgent
 class SipPublisher
 class SipSubscriber

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.smpp

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.smpp
 class SmppComponent
 class SmppConsumer
          An implementation of @{link Consumer} which use the SMPP protocol
 class SmppProducer
          An implementation of @{link Producer} which use the SMPP protocol

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.snmp

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.snmp
 class SnmpComponent
          Represents the component that manages SnmpEndpoint.
 class SnmpOIDPoller
 class SnmpTrapConsumer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.spring.integration

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.spring.integration
 class SpringIntegrationComponent
          Represents the component that manages SpringIntegrationEndpoint.
 class SpringIntegrationConsumer
          A consumer of exchanges for the Spring Integration Please specify the inputChannel in the endpoint url for this consumer.
 class SpringIntegrationProducer
          A producer of exchanges for the Spring Integration Please specify the outputChannel in the endpoint url for this producer.

Uses of ServiceSupport in

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in
 class SpringWebserviceComponent
          Apache Camel component for working with Spring Web Services (a.k.a Spring-WS).
 class SpringWebserviceConsumer
 class SpringWebserviceProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.sql

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.sql
 class SqlComponent
 class SqlProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in
 class StreamComponent
          Component providing streams connectivity
 class StreamConsumer
          Consumer that can read from streams
 class StreamProducer
          Producer that can write to streams

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.stringtemplate

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.stringtemplate
 class StringTemplateComponent

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.test

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.test
 class TestComponent
          Test Component.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.timer

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.timer
 class TimerComponent
          Represents the component that manages TimerEndpoint.
 class TimerConsumer
          The timer consumer.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.validator

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.validator
 class ValidatorComponent
          The Validator Component for validating XML against some schema

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.validator.jing

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.validator.jing
 class JingComponent
          A component for validating XML payloads using the Jing library
 class RelaxNGCompactSyntaxComponent
          A component for validating the XML payload using RelaxNG Compact Syntax using the Jing library

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.validator.msv

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.validator.msv
 class MsvComponent
          The MSV Component uses the MSV library to perform XML validation using pluggable XML schema languages.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.velocity

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.velocity
 class VelocityComponent

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.vm

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.vm
 class VmComponent
          An implementation of the VM components for asynchronous SEDA exchanges on a BlockingQueue within the classloader tree containing the camel-core.jar.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.xmpp

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.xmpp
 class XmppComponent
 class XmppConsumer
          A Consumer which listens to XMPP packets
 class XmppGroupChatProducer
 class XmppPrivateChatProducer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.xquery

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.xquery
 class XQueryComponent
          An XQuery Component for performing transforming messages

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.xslt

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.component.xslt
 class XsltComponent
          An XSLT Component for performing XSLT transforms of messages

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.core.osgi

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.core.osgi
 class OsgiDefaultCamelContext
 class OsgiTypeConverter

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.guice

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.guice
 class GuiceCamelContext
          The default CamelContext implementation for working with Guice.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.impl

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.impl
 class ConsumerCache
          Cache containing created Consumer.
 class DefaultAsyncProducer
          A default implementation of Producer for implementation inheritance, which can process Exchanges asynchronously.
 class DefaultCamelContext
          Represents the context used to configure routes and the policies to use.
 class DefaultComponent
          Default component to use for base for components implementations.
 class DefaultConsumer
          A default consumer useful for implementation inheritance.
 class DefaultConsumerTemplate
          Template (named like Spring's TransactionTemplate & JmsTemplate et al) for working with Camel and consuming Message instances in an Exchange from an Endpoint.
 class DefaultExecutorServiceStrategy
 class DefaultInflightRepository
          Default implement which just uses a counter
 class DefaultProducer
          A default implementation of Producer for implementation inheritance.
 class DefaultProducerServicePool
          A service pool for Producer.
 class DefaultProducerTemplate
          Template (named like Spring's TransactionTemplate & JmsTemplate et al) for working with Camel and sending Message instances in an Exchange to an Endpoint.
 class DefaultRoute
          Default implementation of Route.
 class DefaultScheduledPollConsumer
          A default implementation of an event driven Consumer which uses the PollingConsumer
 class DefaultServicePool<Key,Service>
          Default implementation to inherit for a basic service pool.
 class DefaultShutdownStrategy
          Default ShutdownStrategy which uses graceful shutdown.
 class EventDrivenConsumerRoute
          A DefaultRoute which starts with an Event Driven Consumer
 class EventDrivenPollingConsumer
          A default implementation of the PollingConsumer which uses the normal asynchronous consumer mechanism along with a BlockingQueue to allow the caller to pull messages on demand.
 class HeaderFilterStrategyComponent
 class MainSupport
 class PollingConsumerSupport
          A useful base class for implementations of PollingConsumer
 class ProcessorPollingConsumer
          A simple implementation of PollingConsumer which just uses a Processor.
 class ProducerCache
          Cache containing created Producer.
 class RoutePolicySupport
          A base class for developing custom RoutePolicy implementations.
 class RouteService
          Represents the runtime objects for a given RouteDefinition so that it can be stopped independently of other routes
 class ScheduledPollConsumer
          A useful base class for any consumer which is polling based
 class SharedProducerServicePool
          A shared DefaultProducerServicePool which is used by CamelContext by default.
 class ThrottlingInflightRoutePolicy
          A throttle based RoutePolicy which is capable of dynamic throttling a route based on number of current inflight exchanges.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.impl.converter

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.impl.converter
 class BaseTypeConverterRegistry
          Base implementation of a type converter registry used for type converters in Camel.
 class DefaultTypeConverter
          Default implementation of a type converter registry used for type converters in Camel.
 class LazyLoadingTypeConverter
          Lazy implementation of a type converter registry used for type converters in Camel.

Uses of ServiceSupport in

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in
 class DefaultManagementAgent
          Default implementation of the Camel JMX service agent
 class EventNotifierSupport
          Base class to extend for custom EventNotifier implementations.
 class InstrumentationProcessor
          JMX enabled processor that uses the ManagedCounter for instrumenting processing of exchanges.
 class JmxNotificationEventNotifier
          A JMX based EventNotifier which broadcasts JMX Notifications.
 class LoggingEventNotifier
          Logging event notifier that only notifies if INFO log level has been configured for its logger.
 class PublishEventNotifier
          A EventNotifier which publishes the EventObject to some Endpoint.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.osgi

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.osgi
 class OsgiSpringCamelContext

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.processor

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.processor
 class AOPProcessor
 class BatchProcessor
          Deprecated. may be removed in the future
 class CatchProcessor
          A processor which catches exceptions.
 class ChoiceProcessor
          Implements a Choice structure where one or more predicates are used which if they are true their processors are used, with a default otherwise clause used if none match.
 class DeadLetterChannel
          Implements a Dead Letter Channel after attempting to redeliver the message using the RedeliveryPolicy
 class DefaultChannel
          DefaultChannel is the default Channel.
 class DefaultErrorHandler
          Default error handler
 class Delayer
          A Delayer which delays processing the exchange until the correct amount of time has elapsed using an expression to determine the delivery time.
 class DelayProcessorSupport
          A useful base class for any processor which provides some kind of throttling or delayed processing.
 class DelegateAsyncProcessor
          A Delegate pattern which delegates processing to a nested AsyncProcessor which can be useful for implementation inheritance when writing an Policy

Important: This implementation does support the asynchronous routing engine.

 class DelegateProcessor
          A Delegate pattern which delegates processing to a nested Processor which can be useful for implementation inheritance when writing an Policy

Important: This implementation does not support the asynchronous routing engine.

 class DynamicRouter
          Implements a Dynamic Router pattern where the destination(s) is computed at runtime.
 class Enricher
          A content enricher that enriches input data by first obtaining additional data from a resource represented by an endpoint producer and second by aggregating input data and additional data.
 class ErrorHandlerSupport
          Support class for ErrorHandler implementations.
 class FilterProcessor
          The processor which implements the Message Filter EIP pattern.
 class InterceptEndpointProcessor
          Endpoint intercept processor so we know the processor is supposed to intercept an endpoint.
 class InterceptorToAsyncProcessorBridge
          A bridge to have regular interceptors implemented as Processor work with the asynchronous routing engine without causing side effects.
 class LoggingErrorHandler
          An ErrorHandler which uses commons-logging to dump the error
 class LoopProcessor
          The processor which sends messages in a loop.
 class MulticastProcessor
          Implements the Multicast pattern to send a message exchange to a number of endpoints, each endpoint receiving a copy of the message exchange.
 class OnCompletionProcessor
 class Pipeline
          Creates a Pipeline pattern where the output of the previous step is sent as input to the next step, reusing the same message exchanges
 class PollEnricher
          A content enricher that enriches input data by first obtaining additional data from a resource represented by an endpoint producer and second by aggregating input data and additional data.
 class RecipientList
          Implements a dynamic Recipient List pattern where the list of actual endpoints to send a message exchange to are dependent on some dynamic expression.
 class RecipientListProcessor
          Implements a dynamic Recipient List pattern where the list of actual endpoints to send a message exchange to are dependent on some dynamic expression.
 class RedeliveryErrorHandler
          Base redeliverable error handler that also supports a final dead letter queue in case all redelivery attempts fail.
 class Resequencer
          An implementation of the Resequencer which can reorder messages within a batch.
 class RoutePolicyProcessor
 class RoutingSlip
          Implements a Routing Slip pattern where the list of actual endpoints to send a message exchange to are dependent on the value of a message header.
 class SamplingThrottler
          A SamplingThrottler is a special kind of throttler.
 class SendProcessor
          Processor for forwarding exchanges to an endpoint destination.
 class Splitter
          Implements a dynamic Splitter pattern where an expression is evaluated to iterate through each of the parts of a message and then each part is then send to some endpoint.
 class StreamResequencer
          A resequencer that re-orders a (continuous) stream of Exchanges.
 class ThreadsProcessor
          Threads processor that leverage a thread pool for continue processing the Exchanges using the asynchronous routing engine.
 class Throttler
          A Throttler will set a limit on the maximum number of message exchanges which can be sent to a processor within a specific time period.
 class TryProcessor
          Implements try/catch/finally type processing
 class UnitOfWorkProcessor
          Ensures the Exchange is routed under the boundaries of an UnitOfWork.
 class WireTapProcessor
          Processor for wire tapping exchanges to an endpoint destination.
 class WrapProcessor
          A processor which ensures wrapping processors is having lifecycle handled.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.processor.aggregate

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.processor.aggregate
 class AggregateProcessor
          An implementation of the Aggregator pattern where a batch of messages are processed (up to a maximum amount or until some timeout is reached) and messages for the same correlation key are combined together using some kind of AggregationStrategy (by default the latest message is used) to compress many message exchanges into a smaller number of exchanges.
 class MemoryAggregationRepository
          A memory based AggregationRepository which stores in memory only.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.processor.idempotent

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.processor.idempotent
 class IdempotentConsumer
          An implementation of the Idempotent Consumer pattern.

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.processor.interceptor

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.processor.interceptor
 class DelayInterceptor
          An interceptor for delaying routes.
 class HandleFaultInterceptor
 class StreamCachingInterceptor
          An interceptor that converts streams messages into a re-readable format by wrapping the stream into a StreamCache.
 class TraceInterceptor
          An interceptor for debugging and tracing routes

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.processor.loadbalancer

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.processor.loadbalancer
 class FailOverLoadBalancer
          This FailOverLoadBalancer will failover to use next processor when an exception occurred

This implementation mirrors the logic from the Pipeline in the async variation as the failover load balancer is a specialized pipeline.

 class LoadBalancerConsumer
          Represents a consumer which on starting registers itself with a LoadBalancer and on closing unregisters itself with a load balancer
 class LoadBalancerSupport
          A default base class for a LoadBalancer implementation.
 class QueueLoadBalancer
          A base class for LoadBalancer implementations which choose a single destination for each exchange (rather like JMS Queues)
 class RandomLoadBalancer
          Implements the random load balancing policy
 class RoundRobinLoadBalancer
          Implements the round robin load balancing policy
 class SimpleLoadBalancerSupport
          A default base class for a LoadBalancer implementation.
 class StickyLoadBalancer
          Implements a sticky load balancer using an Expression to calculate a correlation key to perform the sticky load balancing; rather like jsessionid in the web or JMSXGroupID in JMS.
 class TopicLoadBalancer
          A LoadBalancer implementations which sends to all destinations (rather like JMS Topics).
 class WeightedLoadBalancer
 class WeightedRandomLoadBalancer
 class WeightedRoundRobinLoadBalancer

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.routepolicy.quartz

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.routepolicy.quartz
 class CronScheduledRoutePolicy
 class ScheduledRoutePolicy
 class SimpleScheduledRoutePolicy

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.spring

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.spring
 class Main
          A command line tool for booting up a CamelContext using an optional Spring ApplicationContext
 class SpringCamelContext
          A Spring aware implementation of CamelContext which will automatically register itself with Springs lifecycle methods plus allows spring to be used to customize a any Type Converters as well as supporting accessing components and beans via the Spring ApplicationContext

Uses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.spring.spi

Subclasses of ServiceSupport in org.apache.camel.spring.spi
 class TransactionErrorHandler
          The Transactional Client EIP pattern.

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