Package org.apache.camel.processor.aggregate

Helper classes for the Aggregator pattern.


Interface Summary
AggregationStrategy A strategy for aggregating two exchanges together into a single exchange.
TimeoutAwareAggregationStrategy A specialized AggregationStrategy which can handle timeouts as well.

Class Summary
AggregateProcessor An implementation of the Aggregator pattern where a batch of messages are processed (up to a maximum amount or until some timeout is reached) and messages for the same correlation key are combined together using some kind of AggregationStrategy (by default the latest message is used) to compress many message exchanges into a smaller number of exchanges.
GroupedExchangeAggregationStrategy Aggregate all exchanges into a single combined Exchange holding all the aggregated exchanges in a List as a exchange property with the key Exchange.GROUPED_EXCHANGE.
MemoryAggregationRepository A memory based AggregationRepository which stores in memory only.
UseLatestAggregationStrategy An AggregationStrategy which just uses the latest exchange which is useful for status messages where old status messages have no real value.
UseOriginalAggregationStrategy An AggregationStrategy which just uses the original exchange which can be needed when you want to preserve the original Exchange.

Exception Summary
ClosedCorrelationKeyException The correlation key has been closed and the Exchange cannot be aggregated.

Package org.apache.camel.processor.aggregate Description

Helper classes for the Aggregator pattern.

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