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Packages that use BuilderSupport
org.apache.camel.builder The Camel Domain Specific Language for creating Routes, Predicates, Expressions and Error Handlers
org.apache.camel.spring The classes for working with Camel and Spring along with the primary factory beans. 

Uses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.bam

Subclasses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.bam
 class ProcessBuilder
          A builder of a process definition

Uses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.builder

Subclasses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.builder
 class AdviceWithRouteBuilder
          A RouteBuilder which has extended capabilities when using the advice with feature.
 class RouteBuilder
          A Java DSL which is used to build DefaultRoute instances in a CamelContext for smart routing.

Uses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.example.bam

Subclasses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.example.bam
 class MyActivities

Uses of BuilderSupport in

Subclasses of BuilderSupport in
 class CafeRouteBuilder
          A simple example router from Cafe Demo
 class Customer

Uses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.example.cxf

Subclasses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.example.cxf
static class CamelCxfExample.MyRouteBuilder
 class CamelRoute
          The Camel route

Uses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.example.cxf.jaxrs

Subclasses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.example.cxf.jaxrs
 class CamelRouterBuilder

Uses of BuilderSupport in

Subclasses of BuilderSupport in
 class ContentBasedRouteRoute
          A simple content based router example
 class MulticastRoute
          A simple multicast example
 class PipelineRoute
          A simple pipeline example

Uses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.example.etl

Subclasses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.example.etl
 class EtlRoutes

Uses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.example.gae

Subclasses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.example.gae
 class TutorialRouteBuilder

Uses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.example.guice.jms

Subclasses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.example.guice.jms
 class MyRouteBuilder
          A simple example router from a file system to an ActiveMQ queue and then to a file system

Uses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.example.jmstofile

Subclasses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.example.jmstofile
 class JmsToFileRoute

Uses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.example.reportincident

Subclasses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.example.reportincident
 class ReportIncidentRoutes
          Our routes that we can build using Camel DSL as we extend the RouteBuilder class.

Uses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.example.server

Subclasses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.example.server
 class IncrementRoute
 class ServerRoutes
          This class defines the routes on the Server.

Uses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.language.groovy

Subclasses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.language.groovy
 class GroovyRouteBuilder

Uses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.loanbroker.queue.version

Subclasses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.loanbroker.queue.version
 class Client
 class LoanBroker
          The LoanBroker is a RouteBuilder which builds the whole loan message routing rules

Uses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.ruby

Subclasses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.ruby
 class ScriptRouteBuilder
          Provide some helper methods for building routes from scripting languages with a minimum amount of noise using state for the current node in the DSL

Uses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.spring

Subclasses of BuilderSupport in org.apache.camel.spring
 class SpringRouteBuilder
          An extension of the RouteBuilder to provide some additional helper methods

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