Class CxfComponent

  extended by org.apache.camel.impl.ServiceSupport
      extended by org.apache.camel.impl.DefaultComponent
          extended by org.apache.camel.impl.HeaderFilterStrategyComponent
              extended by org.apache.camel.component.cxf.CxfComponent
All Implemented Interfaces:
CamelContextAware, Component, Service, ShutdownableService, HeaderFilterStrategyAware

public class CxfComponent
extends HeaderFilterStrategyComponent

Defines the CXF Component


Constructor Summary
CxfComponent(CamelContext context)
Method Summary
protected  void afterConfiguration(String uri, String remaining, Endpoint endpoint, Map<String,Object> parameters)
          Strategy to do post configuration logic.
protected  Endpoint createEndpoint(String uri, String remaining, Map<String,Object> parameters)
          Create a CxfEndpoint which, can be a Spring bean endpoint having URI format cxf:bean:beanId or transport address endpoint having URI format cxf://transportAddress.
Methods inherited from class org.apache.camel.impl.HeaderFilterStrategyComponent
getHeaderFilterStrategy, setEndpointHeaderFilterStrategy, setHeaderFilterStrategy
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createEndpoint, doStart, doStop, getAndRemoveParameter, getAndRemoveParameter, getCamelContext, ifStartsWithReturnRemainder, resolveAndRemoveReferenceListParameter, resolveAndRemoveReferenceListParameter, resolveAndRemoveReferenceParameter, resolveAndRemoveReferenceParameter, setCamelContext, setProperties, useIntrospectionOnEndpoint, validateParameters, validateURI
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Constructor Detail


public CxfComponent()


public CxfComponent(CamelContext context)
Method Detail


protected Endpoint createEndpoint(String uri,
                                  String remaining,
                                  Map<String,Object> parameters)
                           throws Exception
Create a CxfEndpoint which, can be a Spring bean endpoint having URI format cxf:bean:beanId or transport address endpoint having URI format cxf://transportAddress.

Specified by:
createEndpoint in class DefaultComponent
uri - the full URI of the endpoint
remaining - the remaining part of the URI without the query parameters or component prefix
parameters - the optional parameters passed in
a newly created endpoint or null if the endpoint cannot be created based on the inputs


protected void afterConfiguration(String uri,
                                  String remaining,
                                  Endpoint endpoint,
                                  Map<String,Object> parameters)
                           throws Exception
Description copied from class: DefaultComponent
Strategy to do post configuration logic.

Can be used to construct an URI based on the remaining parameters. For example the parameters that configures the endpoint have been removed from the parameters which leaves only the additional parameters left.

afterConfiguration in class DefaultComponent
endpoint - the created endpoint
parameters - the remaining parameters after the endpoint has been created and parsed the parameters
Exception - can be thrown to indicate error creating the endpoint

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