Class ToDefinition

  extended by org.apache.camel.model.OptionalIdentifiedDefinition
      extended by org.apache.camel.model.ProcessorDefinition<Type>
          extended by org.apache.camel.model.NoOutputDefinition<Type>
              extended by org.apache.camel.model.SendDefinition<ToDefinition>
                  extended by org.apache.camel.model.ToDefinition
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ToDefinition
extends SendDefinition<ToDefinition>

Represents an XML <to/> element


Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.apache.camel.model.SendDefinition
endpoint, ref, uri
Fields inherited from class org.apache.camel.model.ProcessorDefinition
errorHandlerBuilder, errorHandlerRef, inheritErrorHandler, log
Constructor Summary
ToDefinition(Endpoint endpoint)
ToDefinition(Endpoint endpoint, ExchangePattern pattern)
ToDefinition(String uri)
ToDefinition(String uri, ExchangePattern pattern)
Method Summary
 ExchangePattern getPattern()
 String getShortName()
          Returns a short name for this node which can be useful for ID generation or referring to related resources like images
 ToDefinition pattern(ExchangePattern pattern)
 void setPattern(ExchangePattern pattern)
          Sets the optional ExchangePattern used to invoke this endpoint
 String toString()
Methods inherited from class org.apache.camel.model.SendDefinition
createProcessor, getEndpoint, getLabel, getRef, getUri, getUriOrRef, resolveEndpoint, setEndpoint, setRef, setUri
Methods inherited from class org.apache.camel.model.NoOutputDefinition
getOutputs, isOutputSupported
Methods inherited from class org.apache.camel.model.ProcessorDefinition
addInterceptStrategies, addInterceptStrategy, addOutput, addRoutes, aggregate, aggregate, aggregate, aggregate, aop, attribute, bean, bean, bean, bean, beanRef, beanRef, choice, clearOutput, configureChild, convertBodyTo, convertBodyTo, createChannel, createChildProcessor, createCompositeProcessor, createErrorHandlerBuilder, createOutputsProcessor, createOutputsProcessor, delay, delay, delay, doTry, dynamicRouter, dynamicRouter, end, endChoice, enrich, enrich, enrichRef, filter, filter, filter, filter, getErrorHandlerBuilder, getInterceptStrategies, getNodeFactory, getOtherAttributes, getParent, id, idempotentConsumer, idempotentConsumer, idempotentConsumer, inheritErrorHandler, inOnly, inOnly, inOnly, inOnly, inOnly, inOnly, inOut, inOut, inOut, inOut, inOut, inOut, isAbstract, isInheritErrorHandler, loadBalance, loadBalance, log, log, log, loop, loop, loop, makeProcessor, markRollbackOnly, markRollbackOnlyLast, marshal, marshal, marshal, marshal, multicast, multicast, multicast, onCompletion, onException, onException, pipeline, pipeline, pipeline, pipeline, placeholder, policy, policy, pollEnrich, pollEnrich, pollEnrich, pollEnrich, pollEnrichRef, process, processRef, recipientList, recipientList, recipientList, removeFaultHeader, removeHeader, removeHeaders, removeHeaders, removeProperty, resequence, resequence, resolveKnownConstantFields, resolvePropertyPlaceholders, rollback, rollback, routeId, routingSlip, routingSlip, routingSlip, routingSlip, routingSlip, routingSlip, routingSlip, sample, sample, sample, setBody, setBody, setErrorHandlerBuilder, setExchangePattern, setFaultBody, setFaultHeader, setHeader, setHeader, setInheritErrorHandler, setNodeFactory, setOtherAttributes, setOutHeader, setOutHeader, setParent, setProperty, setProperty, sort, sort, sort, split, split, split, stop, threads, threads, threads, throttle, throwException, to, to, to, to, to, to, to, to, to, to, toF, transacted, transacted, transform, transform, unmarshal, unmarshal, unmarshal, unmarshal, validate, validate, validate, wireTap, wireTap, wireTap, wireTap, wireTap, wireTap, wireTap, wrapChannel, wrapInErrorHandler, wrapProcessor
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description, getDescription, getDescriptionText, getId, hasCustomIdAssigned, idOrCreate, setDescription, setId
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public ToDefinition()


public ToDefinition(String uri)


public ToDefinition(Endpoint endpoint)


public ToDefinition(String uri,
                    ExchangePattern pattern)


public ToDefinition(Endpoint endpoint,
                    ExchangePattern pattern)
Method Detail


public String toString()
toString in class Object


public String getShortName()
Description copied from class: OptionalIdentifiedDefinition
Returns a short name for this node which can be useful for ID generation or referring to related resources like images

getShortName in class OptionalIdentifiedDefinition
defaults to "node" but derived nodes should overload this to provide a unique name


public ExchangePattern getPattern()
getPattern in class SendDefinition<ToDefinition>


public void setPattern(ExchangePattern pattern)
Sets the optional ExchangePattern used to invoke this endpoint


public ToDefinition pattern(ExchangePattern pattern)

Sets the optional ExchangePattern used to invoke this endpoint

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