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Packages that use NoSuchEndpointException
org.apache.camel.builder The Camel Domain Specific Language for creating Routes, Predicates, Expressions and Error Handlers
org.apache.camel.model The JAXB POJOs for the XML Configuration of the routing rules. 
org.apache.camel.util Utility classes used by the core of Camel and useful for Camel component developers 

Uses of NoSuchEndpointException in org.apache.camel.builder

Methods in org.apache.camel.builder that throw NoSuchEndpointException
 Endpoint BuilderSupport.endpoint(String uri)
          Resolves the given URI to an endpoint
<T extends Endpoint>
BuilderSupport.endpoint(String uri, Class<T> type)
          Resolves the given URI to an endpoint of the specified type
 List<Endpoint> BuilderSupport.endpoints(String... uris)
          Resolves the list of URIs into a list of Endpoint instances

Uses of NoSuchEndpointException in org.apache.camel.model

Methods in org.apache.camel.model that throw NoSuchEndpointException
 Endpoint RouteDefinition.resolveEndpoint(CamelContext camelContext, String uri)

Uses of NoSuchEndpointException in org.apache.camel.util

Methods in org.apache.camel.util that throw NoSuchEndpointException
static Endpoint CamelContextHelper.getMandatoryEndpoint(CamelContext camelContext, String uri)
          Returns the mandatory endpoint for the given URI or the NoSuchEndpointException is thrown
static Endpoint ExchangeHelper.resolveEndpoint(Exchange exchange, Object value)
          Attempts to resolve the endpoint for the given value

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