Package org.apache.camel.component.cxf

Defines the CXF Component


Interface Summary
CxfBinding An strategy interface for implementing binding between CXF Exchange and Camel Exchange.
CxfConstants Deprecated.
DefaultSEI A Default Service Endpoint Interface (aka serviceClass) to be used if neither explicit serviceClass and WSDL is specified in a CXF endpoint

Class Summary
CxfComponent Defines the CXF Component
CxfConsumer A Consumer of exchanges for a service in CXF.
CxfEndpoint Defines the CXF Endpoint.
CxfPayload<T> CxfMessage body type when DataFormat.PAYLOAD is used.
CxfProducer CxfProducer binds a Camel exchange to a CXF exchange, acts as a CXF client, and sends the request to a CXF to a server.
CxfSpringEndpoint Defines the CXF Endpoint
DefaultCxfBinding The Default CXF binding implementation.
HybridSourceDataBinding This is a hybrid DataBinding of JAXBDataBinding and SourceDataBinding.
WSDLServiceConfiguration This class will help the WSDLServiceFactoryBean to look up the ServiceName and PortName from WSDL
WSDLServiceFactoryBean A service factory bean class that create a service factory without requiring a service class (SEI).

Enum Summary
DataFormat The data format the user expects to see at the Camel CXF components.

Exception Summary

Package org.apache.camel.component.cxf Description

Defines the CXF Component

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