Package org.apache.camel.component.file.remote

Defines the File transport for communicating with Remote Files and FTP


Interface Summary
RemoteFileOperations<T> Remote file operations based on some backing framework

Class Summary
FtpComponent FTP Component
FtpConfiguration FTP configuration
FtpConsumer FTP consumer
FtpEndpoint<T extends FTPFile> FTP endpoint
FtpOperations FTP remote file operations
FtpsComponent FTP Secure (FTP over SSL/TLS) Component.
FtpsConfiguration FTP Secure (FTP over SSL/TLS) configuration
FtpsEndpoint FTP Secure (FTP over SSL/TLS) endpoint
FtpsOperations FTP Secure (FTP over SSL/TLS) operations
RemoteFile<T> Represents a remote file of some sort of backing object
RemoteFileComponent<T> Base class for remote file components.
RemoteFileConfiguration Configuration of the FTP server
RemoteFileConsumer<T> Base class for remote file consumers.
RemoteFileEndpoint<T> Remote file endpoint.
RemoteFilePollingConsumerPollStrategy Remote file consumer polling strategy that attempts to help recovering from lost connections.
RemoteFileProducer<T> Generic remote file producer for all the FTP variations.
SftpComponent Secure FTP Component
SftpConfiguration Secure FTP configuration
SftpConsumer Secure FTP consumer
SftpEndpoint Secure FTP endpoint
SftpOperations SFTP remote file operations

Enum Summary
RemoteFileConfiguration.PathSeparator Path separator as either unix or windows style.

Package org.apache.camel.component.file.remote Description

Defines the File transport for communicating with Remote Files and FTP

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