Class StringSourceConverter

  extended by

public final class StringSourceConverter
extends Object

A helper class to transform to and from StringSource implementations available in both Camel and Spring Webservices.

Rationale: most of the time this converter will not be used since both Camel and Spring-WS use the interface abstraction. There is however a chance that you may end up with incompatible StringSource implementations, this converter handles these (corner)cases.

Note that conversion options are limited by Spring's StringSource since it's the most simple one. It has just one constructor that accepts a String as input.

Method Summary
static org.springframework.xml.transform.StringSource toStringSourceFromCamel(StringSource camelStringSource)
          Converts a Camel StringSource to a Spring-WS StringSource
static StringSource toStringSourceFromSpring(org.springframework.xml.transform.StringSource springStringSource)
          Converts a Spring-WS StringSource to a Camel StringSource
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Method Detail


public static StringSource toStringSourceFromSpring(org.springframework.xml.transform.StringSource springStringSource)
Converts a Spring-WS StringSource to a Camel StringSource


public static org.springframework.xml.transform.StringSource toStringSourceFromCamel(StringSource camelStringSource)
Converts a Camel StringSource to a Spring-WS StringSource

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