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org.apache.camel.converter.jaxp A number of JAXP related helper classes for converting to and from various JAXP related classes like Document and Source to be used by a TypeConverter Package with converters for dealing with stream-based messages 

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Methods in that return StringSource
static StringSource StringSourceConverter.toStringSourceFromSpring(org.springframework.xml.transform.StringSource springStringSource)
          Converts a Spring-WS StringSource to a Camel StringSource

Methods in with parameters of type StringSource
static org.springframework.xml.transform.StringSource StringSourceConverter.toStringSourceFromCamel(StringSource camelStringSource)
          Converts a Camel StringSource to a Spring-WS StringSource

Uses of StringSource in org.apache.camel.converter.jaxp

Methods in org.apache.camel.converter.jaxp that return StringSource
 StringSource XmlConverter.toStringSource(String data)
          Converts the given String to a Source

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 class SourceCache
          StreamCache implementation for StringSources

Methods in with parameters of type StringSource
 StreamCache StreamCacheConverter.convertToStreamCache(StringSource source)

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