Package org.apache.camel.processor.interceptor

Helper classes for interceptors.


Interface Summary
TraceEventHandler A handler which reacts on trace events.
TraceEventMessage A trace event message that contains decomposed information about the traced Exchange at the point of interception.
TraceFormatter Formatter to format trace logs when tracing Exchange during routing.
TraceInterceptorFactory Factory to create the trace interceptor.

Class Summary
Debug A debug interceptor to notify Debugger with Exchanges being processed.
DefaultTraceEventMessage Default TraceEventMessage.
Delayer An interceptor strategy for delaying routes.
DelayInterceptor An interceptor for delaying routes.
HandleFault InterceptStrategy implementation to handle faults as exceptions on a RouteContext
StreamCaching InterceptStrategy implementation to configure stream caching on a RouteContext
StreamCachingInterceptor An interceptor that converts streams messages into a re-readable format by wrapping the stream into a StreamCache.
TraceInterceptor An interceptor for debugging and tracing routes
Tracer An interceptor strategy for tracing routes

Package org.apache.camel.processor.interceptor Description

Helper classes for interceptors.

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