Package org.apache.camel.processor.resequencer

Helper classes for the Resequencer pattern.


Interface Summary
ExpressionResultComparator A SequenceElementComparator that compares Exchanges based on the result of an expression evaluation.
SequenceElementComparator<E> A strategy for comparing elements of a sequence.
SequenceSender<E> An interface used by the ResequencerEngine.deliver() and ResequencerEngine.deliverNext() methods to send out re-ordered elements.
TimeoutHandler Implemented by classes that handle timeout notifications.

Class Summary
DefaultExchangeComparator Compares elements of an Exchange sequence by comparing long values returned by this comaprator's expression.
ResequencerEngine<E> Resequences elements based on a given SequenceElementComparator.
Sequence<E> A sorted set of elements with additional methods for obtaining immediate successors and immediate predecessors of a given element in the sequence.
Timeout A timer task that notifies handlers about scheduled timeouts.

Package org.apache.camel.processor.resequencer Description

Helper classes for the Resequencer pattern.

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