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Property Required Default Description
format xml Format for the message body. Either xml or raw. If xml, the notification is serialized to XML. If raw, the raw java object is set as the body.
password Credentials for making a remote connection.
objectDomain Yes The domain of the MBean you are connecting to.
objectName The name key for the MBean you are connecting to. Either this property of a list of keys must be provided (but not both). For more details, see ObjectName Construction.
notificationFilter Reference to a bean that implements the NotificationFilter interface. The #beanID syntax should be used to reference the bean in the registry.
handback Value to hand back to the listener when a notification is received. This value will be put into the jmx.handback message header.

property type applies to description
monitorType enum all one of the counters, guage, string
observedAttribute string all the attribute being observed
granularityPeriod long all granularity period (in millis) for the attribute being observed. As per JMX, default is 10 seconds
initThreshold number counter initial threshold value
offset number counter offset value
modulus number counter modulus value
differenceMode boolean counter, gauge true if difference should be reported, false for actual value
notifyHigh boolean gauge high notification on/off switch
notifyLow boolean gauge low notification on/off switch
highThreshold number gauge threshold for reporting high notification
lowThreshold number gauge threshold for reporting low notificaton
notifyDiffer boolean string true to fire notification when string differs
notifyMatch boolean string true to fire notification when string matches
stringToCompare string string string to compare against the attribute value

The monitor style consumer is only supported for the local mbean server. JMX does not currently support remote deployment of mbeans without either having the classes already remotely deployed or an adapter library on both the client and server to facilitate a proxy deployment.

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