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Fuse ESB 4.1 Documentation

Fuse ESB 4.1 (Apache ServiceMix 4) Release

Searching the Library

The best way to search the library is using Google directly and narrowing the search scope using

This method will limit the search to the Fuse ESB (ServiceMix 4) documentation. You can limit the scope further by adding a version number to the site: string.

For example to search the documentation for references to polling the file system you could enter polling into the Google search field. Only results from the Fuse ESB version 4.0 library will be returned.

Getting Started

Book PDF
Getting Started with the FUSE Product Family PDF icon
Logisticx Tutorial Guide PDF icon
Using the FUSE ESB (ServiceMix 4) Library PDF icon
Getting Started with FUSE ESB PDF icon
FUSE Glossary PDF icon


Book PDF
FUSE ESB (ServiceMix 4) Release Notes
Installing FUSE ESB PDF icon
Migrating to FUSE ESB 4.1 PDF icon

Configuring and Running the Container

Book PDF
Managing the FUSE ESB (ServiceMix 4) Container PDF icon
Using JBI in FUSE ESB 4 PDF icon
Using OSGi in FUSE ESB 4 PDF icon

Developing Services

Book PDF
Developing and Deploying JAX-WS Services with FUSE ESB PDF icon


Book PDF
Enterprise Integration Patterns PDF icon
Using the FUSE Services Framework Binding Component PDF icon
Using the JMS Binding Component PDF icon
Using the File Binding Component PDF icon


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Console Reference Guide PDF icon
API Reference Guide
XML Configuration Reference Guide
Apache ServiceMix User’s Guide

ZIP File

Download the documentation: .zip