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This class is delivered at a location of your choice for groups of up to ten students and can be tailored to fit the needs of your team. All classes are created by our active commmitters at Apache and experienced professional services organization for in-depth and relevant content that is designed for enterprise organizations. Classes use the FuseSource products which are are productized and fully supported versions of popular Apache SOA projects.

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Target Audience

This course is for architects and developers who want to use Fuse ESB – based on Apache ServiceMix to build integration solutions using web and RESTful services, while leveraging the powerful OSGi-based ServiceMix kernel technology. The class uses the FuseSource distribution of ServiceMix and CXF, Fuse ESB and Fuse Mediation Router, for hands-on programming exercises.


After this course the attendees will understand the Fuse ESB and Apache ServiceMix kernel and will have a working knowledge of how to implement web and RESTful integration solutions.



3 days


An intensive course of lectures, and hands-on exercises. Students receive detailed reference notes to supplement the lectures.

Course Content:

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