Category Name ▲ Description
Server ActiveMQ Maintenance branches of ActiveMQ
Library Apache Geronimo TxManager Mirror of the Apache Geronimo Transaction Manager
Library Aries Apache Aries clone
Library CloudMix A framework for running Java code on the cloud
Library CoffeeBar The CoffeScript based Web Framework for Rapid Application Development.
Documentation Confdoc A Confluence Wiki plug-in that converts page trees into DocBook format and commits them to an SVN repository.
Library Crowd MySQL MySQL based user store for Crowd
Tools Eclipse Integration for Karaf Integration between Apache Karaf and the Eclipse IDE.
Server ESB Specs ServiceMix specs
Server Felix Private Felix version
Documentation Forge Document Publication Tools A packaged and easy to install version of the DocBook XSLT style sheets. This package includes an XSLT processor and Apache FOP to generate PDFs.
Documentation FUSE Demos A selection of Fuse demo code from our webinar sessions - Enjoy!
Tools FUSE Depot FUSE Depot is an automatic service provisioning system for FUSE. With FUSE Depot you can assemble bundles and libraries into applications, assign those applications to containers, and schedule deployments all...
Tools FUSE Directory The Apache Directory Project provides directory solutions entirely written in Java.
Connector FUSE ESB FUSE ESB is a fully standards-based and open source integration platform based on Apache ServiceMix for use in enterprise IT organizations. It is certified, productized and fully supported by the...
Tools FUSE ESB Archetypes Mirror of the Apache ServiceMix archetypes subproject.
Tools FUSE ESB Auditing A web-based exchange auditing feature for FUSE ESB using a JCR repository to store the exchange data.
Server FUSE ESB Features Mirror of the Apache ServiceMix Features subproject.
Connector FUSE ESB JBI Components Mirror of the Apache ServiceMix JBI Components subproject.
Connector FUSE ESB NMR Mirror of the Apache ServiceMix NMR subproject.
Server FUSE ESB System Tests System tests for FUSE ESB
Library FUSE ESB Utils Mirror of the Apache ServiceMix Utils subproject
Library Fuse Extra Fuse Extra: A collection of addons and plugins for the open source projects FuseSource support
Server Fuse Fabric Fuse Fabric creates a cluster of machines running Fuse which can be provisioned, configured and managed easily.
Infrastructure FUSE Forge FUSE Forge is a project infrastructure provisioning system. It automates and deploying issue trackers, wiki spaces, source repositories, forums and website spaces that are tightly integrated using common authentication and...