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Announcement: Fuse IDE 2.0 released!


Announcement: Fuse IDE 2.0 released!
Posted By: jstrachan
Created in: Forum: Fuse IDE 1.0
Posted: Aug 8, 2011 2:40 PM
We've just released 2.0.15 of Fuse IDE which includes a huge number of new features.

To install use the update site: or see the detailed instructions.

For more detail see the documentation or release notes.

Note that Fuse IDE installs on 3.5.x (Galileo) and 3.6.x (Helios) of Eclipse; plus can install in the JEE distro of 3.7.x (Indigo) but currently doesn't install in 3.7.x (Indigo) Java distro or STS just yet due to our use of m2eclipse.

We will migrate in 2.1.x of Fuse IDE to m2e which is the long term replacement for m2eclipse; but currently m2e does not support 3.5.x of Eclipse so we have kept on m2eclipse until 2.1.x of IDE.