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Thread: DOSGi error on multiple machines with containers


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DOSGi error on multiple machines with containers
Posted: Aug 20, 2012 5:00 PM
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I have a very simple dosgi example I built, an interface bundle, a service bundle that implements the interface method (String ping(int size);) and then a client bundle that calls the method. If I execute this example in a single dosgi based container, all is well and the method is called and returned.

ALSO, if I execute this on two containers within a single machine, all is well and the method is called and returned.

BUT, if I try to do this on two machines, each with its own container, but joined by the fabric, it errors.

I attempted to build the camel-dosgi because that example also errors out on two containers, but currently it fails because the 084 blueprint dependency.

Again, it works on a single machine with two containers, just NOT on two machines.

Any help would really appreciated.

(I can provide the example source if need be)
Here are the setup parameters:

Hosts file (on both machines): App1 App2
  • Firewalls are confirmed to be off


  • Install fuse-fabric-7.0.0.fuse-061
  • Change to app1
  • Run bin/fusefabric
  • Fabric:create
  • Container-create-child ?-profile dosgi app1 client1

  • Install fuse-fabric-7.0.0.fuse-061
  • Change to app2
  • Run bin/fusefabric
  • Fabric:join App2
  • Container-create-child ?-profile dosgi app2 service2

id version alive profiles provision status
app1* 1.0 true fabric, fabric-ensemble-0000-1
client1 1.0 true dosgi success
app2 1.0 true default
service2 1.0 true dosgi success

container-connect service2
install -s file:/opt/ping/interface.jar
install -s file:/opt/ping/service.jar

container-connect client1
install -s file:/opt/ping/interface.jar
install -s file:/opt/ping/client.jar
(hangs, Ctrl-C)
2012-08-15 10:26:20,132 | INFO | spatch-DEFAULT-2 | TransportPool | 67 - org.fusesource.fabric.fabric-dosgi - 7.0.0.fuse-061 | Transport failure Connection refused
at Method):1.7.0_05
at org.fusesource.fabric.dosgi.tcp.TcpTransport$
at org.fusesource.hawtdispatch.internal.NioDispatchSource$